Graywalkers Purgatory (Pre-Alpha) Now on Kickstarter

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    Hi guys! My name is Russell Tomas and I represent Dreamlords Digital, an indie game studio based out of Las Vegas and Manila. We just released a game on Kickstarter called Graywalkers Purgatory and we would like to invite you to check it out:

    Here’s a few things that make us stand out and hopefully make us worth your time:

    1. Cool New World – the game is set in a stylish supernatural post-apocalyptic world where parts of Heaven and Hell are merged with Earth. You are the prophesized leader of “The 36”, called Graywalkers. Your job is recruit the 36, unite the faction of Purgatory under your banner and save the world from the legion of demons infesting the land.

    2. New but Familiar Gameplay – On the surface, the game is Turn-based RPG combining features of Xcom, Fallout and Jagged Alliance then mix it in with an emergent faction/economy system running underneath like Civilization& Mount and Blade, and you get a brand new RPG experience

    3. Crowd Content Initiative –What Brian Fargo started with Crowdsourcing, we bring to the next level. We're asking the community to not only donate funds, we're also asking them to donate their content for use in the game such as 3d models, animation, 2d art, music, sound effects and others. They then get credited for their work and then rewarded yet still maintaining legal ownership of their content.

    Thanks for checking it out. Please share with us your comments and suggestions.

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