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    I tried loading one of the face noir savethroughs from this site for the game but the game wont recognize any of the save files. I've copied the save files in the right location too. Any suggestions?
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    Jul 11, 2013
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    First you need to extract the FaceNoirSavethrough.zip file. This will give you seven zip files, each of which contains 24 saves. You need to pick one of the 7 files: If you are stuck somewhere near the beginning - you should try batch #1 or maybe #2. If you are stuck near the end - you should try batch #7 or maybe #6, etc.

    After you have selected one of the seven batches, you need to extract that zip file, which will give you 24 .dsv files labeled save000.dsv to save023.dsv. These files need to be copied to your Face Noir save folder (usually C:\Users\<your username>\Saved Games\Face Noir). Note: You may want to backup your save folder before replacing it with the files from the savethrough.

    Now when you launch Face Noir you should see the save games available when you click the Load button. If you continue to have problems, please contact Just Adventure support by writing to support@justadventure.com

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